Can we talk about the Silurian genocide though?

Because let’s be honest, the Doctor was angry at Solomon before that, sure. He was pissed that Brian was attacked and he was forced to help someone who he knew wasn’t friendly. But he would’ve let the dude leave. He would’ve let the dude LIVE. Others have done worse to him, and he’s let them live, or at least, let them die by their own stupidity or at least attempt to save them and have them die anyway.

But then Solomon mentions the Silurian crew. 

The thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS he killed.

Just to get at the cargo.

And you can visibly see the Doctor’s demeanor change. He isn’t the same for the rest of the episode. What I love most about Matt’s acting is how he can make his eyes change. Usually they’re either sad and downcast, or wide and happy. But then they visibly darken, and you know you’ve fucked up. And Solomon fucked up. Because genocide is something the doctor knows very well. We see this same. exact. thing. happen in “The Doctor’s Wife”. People forget that he let that entity die on purpose because, as he said there, “You gave me hope, just to take it away. That is a very dangerous position to be in.” The entity had murdered hundreds of time lords, and the Doctor was never more dangerous than that moment. Until now, when he purposefully goes out of his way to punish a man who slaughtered the Silurians, a race he had defended before.

I don’t want to hear how “out of character” this was for him. This darkness has been growing in the Doctor for a good season now, and if you have missed it, then I think this season’s gonna be a huge wake up call for you. The Doctor is returning to the anger and the fury he had when he was Nine, and his control on that anger is slipping. 

It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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